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Your donations to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore enables them to give low-income residents in their local communities a safe and decent place to live.


There’s a discrepancy between what you believe is happening with your donation and what actually happens. When you donate to for-profit thrift stores, you’re really lining the pockets of private equity firms. And when you donate to privately owned donation bins, it’s likely to be discarded in landfills overseas. 


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To be completely transparent with donors we want to reveal what happens to their donations, and so we will wrap donation bins to look like landfills.

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We'll leverage online classified reseller sites like Let Go, eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji to unlock a new scope of donators. We'll target the oldest listings with the goal to change their perspective on what their listing could mean to their community.

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Habitat Handyman’s mission is to lend a helping hand in local communities. Low income residents can book services from hanging mirrors right through to full kitchen renovations. To remind local regions of this service, we’ll intervene their search for costly bin rentals with a better option. 

Partner: Joe Verkuyl

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