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When a couple of billionaires took trips to the edge of space, it made a lot of people angry. With scientists saying we may only have 10 years left to turn things around, many people said they simply went too far. We think, however, if we really want to get people to take action to clean up our planet – maybe they didn’t go far enough. 

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Introducing the Last Resort on Mars, the solar systems’ most exclusive apocalypse escape destination. A misdirection travel campaign with our fictional resort on Mars at its heart, our goal is to make people realize just how precious our planet is, and we all have to do our part to take care of it because it’s all we have.  

Campaign Logo

OOH Travel Posters 

Inspired by traditional travel campaigns, our out-of-home ads will juxtapose the dirty truth with friendly typography. 

logo_drop shadow.png
noah's ark - 2.png
climate code red.png
end of the world - 2.png

Branded Content

From sponsored spacesuits to interplanetary product placement, the opportunities for brand integration are endless. 

mars louie suit.png
find your beach_corona.png
AUDI Space Shuttle Wrap.png

Landing page & reveal  

What looks like a fully developed resort website is actually a simple landing page. When visitors click any of the webpage links, a pop-up box reveals our hand.


Creative Director: Greg Shortall

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