NHL asked us to develop an act, not an ad. We arrived at the hairiest idea possible.

New Logo

The idea for this campaign is to encourage fans to grow out their hockey flow for the duration of the season. Come playoffs they will donate their glorious locks to kids in need. And so, the logo will have some spicy salad for a limited time.

original logo.png

Original logo

hhh logo.png

New logo

Participating Ticket

When you register to be a Hockey Hair Hero, you will be sent a ticket that allows you to receive a complimentary haircut at Great Clips once the playoff season is over.

hhh_ticket mockup.png


A landing page for prospective participants to experiment with hairstyles and capture their progress.

Subway Ad

subway mockup_rev2.png


Participants can track their progress on instagram and connect to the cause with #HHH. They can also play around with the snapchat filter. 

hair progress_insta.png
instagram mockup.png
white iphone.png

Paper Tent

A print piece featured in Great Clips salons that sparks the question: "should I really get a trim?"

1_paper table tent_revision.png

My Role: Art direction and copywriting

Team Members: Mara Robin and Andy Albrough